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Frequently Asked Questions:



What is the best way to contact your company if I have a question?

The best method is by email. We are a small family company and because we work from home, we may not always be able to answer the phone (it is hard to pick up the phone when babies are crying, when changing diapers, etc.). If you do leave a message we will get back to you within three business days. We try to respond to emails sooner (usually within a day or two).


Can I get my order sooner than 2-4 weeks?

Yes! We generally make shipments one time per week. However, on rare occasions we may take longer (up to 2-4 weeks from your order date). If you do need a DVD by a certain day, just let us know and we should be able to accommodate it. We can overnight packages as well, though there will be an additional cost for shipping.


How do I purchase the Spanish DVD?

Each DVD includes English and Spanish. If you buy one DVD you will get both languages on the one DVD.


Is the DVD available in other languages besides English and Spanish?

No. However, we will add additional languages if your organization translates the script, records the narration, and syncs the audio with the DVD. We will then add your audio track to any DVDs you purchase at no cost to you. We only request that you allow us to add these languages to future DVDs.


Does the DVD include Subtitles?

Subtitles are only available on the Simple Steps to Child Passenger Safety DVD when purchased in a cardboard sleeve. If you would like the subtitles, but do not want to place a bulk order, simply state in the notes section that you want a cardboard sleeve instead of a hard case. The cardboard sleeve DVD only include English subtitles on the English video. No subtitles are available on the Spanish video.


Do I need to purchase a broadcast license for my organization?

You only need to purchase a broadcast license if you will be using the DVD on a closed-circuit system (such as used in a large hospital where multiple rooms can view the DVD at the same time). If you are only using the DVD for a classroom setting you do not need a broadcast license.


Can I post your video on our website if I purchase a broadcast license?

No. You must purchase a special internet license for posting our DVD on your website. The standard broadcast license is only for closed-circuit systems and must not be accessible by the general public outside your facility.


Can I order by fax?

Yes, but we prefer that all orders be made electronically through our website (see Contact page for fax number).


Can I purchase the DVD in bulk?

Yes, we have discounted rates for DVDs purchased in cardboard sleeves. These are great for handouts at events, and new mother discharge gift bags.


Do you accept Purchase orders?

Yes we do accept purchase orders, but we don't require a purchase order number to make a purchase.


I need a W9 to complete payment. How can I get a copy?

The best way is by email. Send us an email requesting a copy and we will email you our W9.







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